Crazy Woman Freaks Out in Fast Food Line: A Vocabulary Lesson

What’s up Kings and Queens!

This weekend I came across a very disturbing video, featuring a woman in a red San Francisco jacket (let’s call her Franny), checking out of a fast food restaurant, accosting a couple in line for having shown a little PDA (public display of affection).

If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can check it out here. But be warned: the language used in the video is HIGHLY offensive and degrading.

While we never exactly see the act the couple was engaging in, it is assumed that the couple was kissing. The extent of the kissing, we never really know for sure, but the couple states that it was just a kiss on the forehead, and at worst we can guess that it was light kissing on the lips.

And Franny just UNLOADS on the young couple!

I won’t go too much detail in, but the major take away here is that that Franny, clearly not knowing the definition of certain terms, “confused” the young lady for a prostitute.

So, to help prevent such “confusion” in the future for any of you self-educating Kings or Queens, I feel a brief vocabulary lesson is in order.

All of the defintions I am using come Baldwin and LeVay’s textbook Dicovering Human Sexuality, 2nd ed. 


Prostitution – The act of engaging in sex for pay

Coitus – Penetration of the Vagina the Penis

Deep kissing (french kissing) – Kissing, with entry of the tongue into the partner’s mouth


Franny claims that the couple was “having sex” in the restaurant. For purposes of argument, and to give her some benefit of the doubt, let us assume that “having sex” can describe more activities than just coitus.

I am doing this because even I don’t believe that just a penis –> vagina is the only definition of having sex, and I’m sure that you enlightened readers can agree. Sex can include many different forms of intimacy and activity. That being said, let’s expand our definition here.

Let’s have “Sex” include Heavy Petting (sexually touching the partners genetalia or breasts), Mutual Masturbation (Reciprocal, simultaneius manual stimulation a partner’s genitals), and all forms of oral sex (including Fellatio, Cunnilingus, and Anilingus).  I will even give her Necking (Kissing or caressing of the head and neck), minus just a peck on the cheek or forehead, that is not overtly sexual in nature.

I am excluding both non-sexual touch such as hugging or hand-holding, and Petting (sexually touching a partner’s body, often taken to exclude the breasts or genitalia).

Even with this broad of a definition of what “having sex” could be, let us get one thing straight…

This couple was NOT having sex in their fast food line!!!

In the video, the couple describes their actions as hugging and just a peck on the forehead!

To spend over five minutes yelling at the boy and girl for something that couples -married and unmarried- do every day as a  simple way of showing affection, and then extrapolating it to accuse them of sexual misconduct unfitting of a public place, is LUDICROUS!!!

While I agree that there is a time and place for everything, and the middle of a fast food line may not be the best place to begin dry-humping, by all accounts, that is not what the couple was doing! They were showing affection to each other, and nothing more.

Not only does her reaction fall grossly outside of the bounds of our definition of what “having sex” would reason, but she goes even further to give false ideals of legal definitions of crimes.

During the video, she claims that she feels “sexually harassed.”

… Hmmm…

Sexual Harassment – Unwanted sexual advances or other intimidating sexual behavior, usually in the workplace.

The thing about sexual harassment, is that the individual filing the complaint has to be the OBJECT of the sexual advances. Since the young man was kissing his girlfriend’s forehead, a consensual act, that means the act was not sexual harassment.

And certainly not harassment directed at Franny!

She may have felt uncomfortable (clearly), and is totally justified in that, but to begin making false claims hurling insults towards a young couple that are just waiting to get their food is stepping way out of line.

It shows a total ignorance for both medical and legal definitions, as well as a lack of manners on how to handle an uncomfortable situation with tact and grace.

Franny should be ashamed… and perhaps re-enroll in her high school’s freshman Health Class to brush up on her knowledge.

The young couple, on the other hand, handled the situation with a level of poise and class that, given the same circumstances, I don’t know how I would have behaved.

So I hope you have enjoyed our vocabulary lesson for today. Take this lesson forward with you: should you find yourself face-to-face with a similarly ignorant and hostile person as Franny, remember your training.

You have the knowledge, you know the facts. And their insistence on their victim-hood does not make you less correct in the facts. Do not be shaken. Stand your ground.

And film a video to turn the entire internet against them.


Much Love,

King ❤


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The Power of the Pussy (Part 2)

Hey there Kings and Queens,

For part one of this segment, go ahead and check out my video here, where I cover some of my thoughts regarding how Female Sexuality is a POWERFUL thing to be revered, not shamed or insulted, and how the words we use to refer to a woman’s sexuality plays into that.

I wanted to take a moment here and expand on the some of the ideas that I glossed over briefly in the video.

Mostly in reference to the concept of Dying.

In the video, I mention that female sexuality was very much in tune with death or dying.

To be clear, associating female sexuality with dying is not necessarily a bad thing. Do not be afraid.

In many mythologies, before their can be creation of life, their first has to be destruction, or a breaking down of the previous entity or iteration.

The Power of the Pussy
What’s not to love about this Goddess?

In Hinduism, Kali is seen as both the Goddess of Death and Destruction, as well as the Mother of the Universe.

Norse Mythology tells of Ragnarok, during which the entire earth is destroyed in a flood caused by the serpent Jörmungandr, only to be renewed and restarted by two humans and the World Tree Yggdrasil.

Christianity also has a great flood that wiped out the old system, a corrupt society, in order to create room for God’s vision of a better world to flourish.

Even in nature, we see this rule in play.

When a forest becomes too densely populated, and much dead tree debris has built up over time, the forest is more susceptible to fires. However, once that fire has come and gone, the forest not only has more room in which to grow now, but the ash of the previous forest acts as fertilizer in which the new world may take root.

But how does all of this apply to sex?

The French Language is often referred to as “the language of love,” and to be honest, I never really understood it. It was a language I thought of as nasally and pompous, and I just realy didn’t like it.

Until I heard the following phrase.

The French have a little phrase that is sometimes used when referring to sex called le petite mort, which translates literally to “the little death. ”

More specifically, it is referring to orgasm, or the feeling of bliss that one experiences during orgasm.

I know that sounds harsh, relating something so fun with something so morbid, but hear me out.

It is a breaking down, or a death of our structures, our walls, and as we are being fully present with our partners and reach climax, we are no longer concerned with…

“How does my hair look?”

“Oh, I have to pick up milk later”

“Am I making a funny face?”

YES! We all have an O-face!

But does that matter? NO!

When we are in the height of ecstacy, the limits we place on ourselves in our everyday lives fall away, and for a brief moment, that neutrality around you is like a little death.

And afterward, you feel elated and energized. You are full of life.

Or… after some time… with enough attempts at “the little death,” some people are able to experience a “little life” as well.

And the cycle repeats. Death leads to life.

So you see, when I say that female sexuality is closely related to death, it is not remotely a “bad” thing, or something to be feared. Instead, a better approach would be to seek to understand it and embrace it.

That, my friends, will lead you towards a greater, and fuller life.


Much Love,



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Brave New World of Sex

Hello there Kings and Queens!

Last week was a bit crazy with a big convention going on in town, as well as Spring Break and some changes going on at my job, so I took some time off, but now I am back and ready to rock n’ roll!

Over the break, my partner participated in a publicity stunt promoting a new TV show coming out soon, partially revolving around female sexuality. Or rather, the societal oppression of it.

Brave New World
1894 or Brave-New-World Style…

Without getting too political, this dystopia illustrates, among other things, some of the dangers that may come to society as a whole, should we continue our cultural efforts to restrict, limit, and regulate human sexuality.


With this in mind, I thought it would be a great Idea to start a segment about female sexuality, and how AWESOME it is!

Specifically when allowed to flourish in all of its own glory!

Stay tuned later this week when we start our series with a post about Vaginas, and some of the wonderful  things they do.


Much Love,



Celebration of Women

Sup Kings and Queens!

And especially the Queens…

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. I pretty cool occasion, if I do say so myself. I made a video on my YouTube Channel. You can check it out it out here.

Today is going to be a light post. All I can say is that I am proud of every woman out there for being such fantastic sources of inspiration to me, and all of the young ladies growing up in the world today. Without you each and every one of you, the world would be a much less vibrant and much less awesome place.

Much Love,


Why is my Partner Never in the Mood?

Hey there, Kings and Queens!

Recently I was asked by a close friend, whom we have often shared the details of our relationships, a question about the issue of long-term relationships.

Maybe you’ve been there.

He was perplexed how many relationships can be a sexual inferno in the beginning:

You can’t keep your hands off of each other.

You run back to the bedroom every moment you can. Or maybe you can’t even wait for the bedroom.

Just the sight of them makes you weak.

But then after a while, you get into a routine, and it seems like the things that once drove you wild about your partner may not have the same flare they once held.


And you or your partner begin uttering the phrase “Honey, I’m not in the mood tonight.”

Every night.

What happened?!

You still love them, and they still love you! THAT has never changed,but the sexual magnetism has somehow slipped…

The good news is there are a couple of different ways to approach this.

Today, I’m going to discuss a few wildly different methods to help spark that passion in your relationship,

And get your FIRE back!

1. Change the Context

Dr. Emily Nagoski argues that everybody has both an accelerator, and a brake, inside their brains. These dual-control model pretty much runs the show when it comes to your desire for sex. It is simply a matter of turning On the ONs, and turning Off the OFFs. And it IS simple… And it also ISN’T so simple. Each what turns On each persons ONs and Off their OFFs is going to be different based on their life experience, their own biochemistry, and many more factors that can all be summed up into one word: context.

Each person has one or more ideal contexts that will get them in the mood. Likewise, they will also have things like the kids screaming, or an asshole boss, that will create a context that is less optimal for sexy times. The secret, is figuring out what context you are cor your partner are currently in, what context is ideal for romance, then work to create that context.

2. Lack of Polarity

Another approach is based on David Deida and his work concerning the spiritual side of sexual attractioin. He argues that all sexual attraction is based on the polarity between the masculine and feminine energies between you and your partner.There are differing levels of masculine and feminine energy within all of us, and it is not necessarily biosex or orientation exclusive. You can be a biosex male with a lot of masculine energy, a lot of feminine enrgy, a bit of both, or not much of either. Likewise, it does not matter your sexual orientation. You could be a female that enjoys the company of a male, or another female, or both, all, or none. And again, your levels of masculine and/or feminine energy can be a wide range. That does not matter.

What DOES matter, according to Deida, is that there is a polarity between the masculine and feminine of you and your partner. The masculine being everything that is stalwart and stable, never-changing; and the feminine being everything that is allowed to move, and change, and flow. It is the arc that the energy must travel between you to your partner that creates sexual charge, just as a battery only creates a charge with a positive and negative pole, or the earth has a north and south magnetic pole.

If you find your sexual magnetism lacking, reflect for a moment on how perhaps you and your partner once held that polar magnetism, but over time have allowed yourselves to meld, becoming more companionate, and lost that charge. This is great for long-term partnerships, but not always the best for sexual attraction. If you find that this is the case for you, begin to reflect on what in the beginning made you so lustful for your partner, and find ways you can begin to recreate a similar sense of magnetism. Reconnect with your masculinity or femininity in whatever way is conducive to your sexual relationship.

These two approaches vary widely in their understanding and what ground they come from. Nagoski is coming from a psychology and neurology research background, and Deida is speaking on a more energetic and spiritual level.

And while they come from different backgrounds, the advice is more or less the same: reflect on what works, and create that situation for you and your partner.

Neither approach is better than the other, and they both work.

The question is, which one will work best for you?


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Much Love,