Crazy Woman Freaks Out in Fast Food Line: A Vocabulary Lesson

What’s up Kings and Queens!

This weekend I came across a very disturbing video, featuring a woman in a red San Francisco jacket (let’s call her Franny), checking out of a fast food restaurant, accosting a couple in line for having shown a little PDA (public display of affection).

If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can check it out here. But be warned: the language used in the video is HIGHLY offensive and degrading.

While we never exactly see the act the couple was engaging in, it is assumed that the couple was kissing. The extent of the kissing, we never really know for sure, but the couple states that it was just a kiss on the forehead, and at worst we can guess that it was light kissing on the lips.

And Franny just UNLOADS on the young couple!

I won’t go too much detail in, but the major take away here is that that Franny, clearly not knowing the definition of certain terms, “confused” the young lady for a prostitute.

So, to help prevent such “confusion” in the future for any of you self-educating Kings or Queens, I feel a brief vocabulary lesson is in order.

All of the defintions I am using come Baldwin and LeVay’s textbook Dicovering Human Sexuality, 2nd ed. 


Prostitution – The act of engaging in sex for pay

Coitus – Penetration of the Vagina the Penis

Deep kissing (french kissing) – Kissing, with entry of the tongue into the partner’s mouth


Franny claims that the couple was “having sex” in the restaurant. For purposes of argument, and to give her some benefit of the doubt, let us assume that “having sex” can describe more activities than just coitus.

I am doing this because even I don’t believe that just a penis –> vagina is the only definition of having sex, and I’m sure that you enlightened readers can agree. Sex can include many different forms of intimacy and activity. That being said, let’s expand our definition here.

Let’s have “Sex” include Heavy Petting (sexually touching the partners genetalia or breasts), Mutual Masturbation (Reciprocal, simultaneius manual stimulation a partner’s genitals), and all forms of oral sex (including Fellatio, Cunnilingus, and Anilingus).  I will even give her Necking (Kissing or caressing of the head and neck), minus just a peck on the cheek or forehead, that is not overtly sexual in nature.

I am excluding both non-sexual touch such as hugging or hand-holding, and Petting (sexually touching a partner’s body, often taken to exclude the breasts or genitalia).

Even with this broad of a definition of what “having sex” could be, let us get one thing straight…

This couple was NOT having sex in their fast food line!!!

In the video, the couple describes their actions as hugging and just a peck on the forehead!

To spend over five minutes yelling at the boy and girl for something that couples -married and unmarried- do every day as a  simple way of showing affection, and then extrapolating it to accuse them of sexual misconduct unfitting of a public place, is LUDICROUS!!!

While I agree that there is a time and place for everything, and the middle of a fast food line may not be the best place to begin dry-humping, by all accounts, that is not what the couple was doing! They were showing affection to each other, and nothing more.

Not only does her reaction fall grossly outside of the bounds of our definition of what “having sex” would reason, but she goes even further to give false ideals of legal definitions of crimes.

During the video, she claims that she feels “sexually harassed.”

… Hmmm…

Sexual Harassment – Unwanted sexual advances or other intimidating sexual behavior, usually in the workplace.

The thing about sexual harassment, is that the individual filing the complaint has to be the OBJECT of the sexual advances. Since the young man was kissing his girlfriend’s forehead, a consensual act, that means the act was not sexual harassment.

And certainly not harassment directed at Franny!

She may have felt uncomfortable (clearly), and is totally justified in that, but to begin making false claims hurling insults towards a young couple that are just waiting to get their food is stepping way out of line.

It shows a total ignorance for both medical and legal definitions, as well as a lack of manners on how to handle an uncomfortable situation with tact and grace.

Franny should be ashamed… and perhaps re-enroll in her high school’s freshman Health Class to brush up on her knowledge.

The young couple, on the other hand, handled the situation with a level of poise and class that, given the same circumstances, I don’t know how I would have behaved.

So I hope you have enjoyed our vocabulary lesson for today. Take this lesson forward with you: should you find yourself face-to-face with a similarly ignorant and hostile person as Franny, remember your training.

You have the knowledge, you know the facts. And their insistence on their victim-hood does not make you less correct in the facts. Do not be shaken. Stand your ground.

And film a video to turn the entire internet against them.


Much Love,

King ❤


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5 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life This Month

Hello Kings and Queens!

It is an amazing time to be alive! It really is.

If you are reading this, chances are you live in one of the greatest nations in the world today. Chances are you have clean water, fresh food, shelter, and a source of income that can afford you all of that.

But that doesn’t mean any of it comes easy.

For all of the joys that modern society has allowed us, it also comes with the tradeoff of certain stressors.

Maybe your job is working long hours for work that you don’t enjoy. Maybe you have children that, even though you love them, drive you up a wall. Maybe that nice house comes with a mortgage that is draining you dry.

In addition to many of these external stressors, we often battle our own insecurities on a daily basis.

With all of this going on, it can be hard to make room for some sexy times with your one-and-only (or multiples-and-many). It can seem like sex is just one more thing to add to the list, and we would often either ignore it, or give it the minimal attention required.

Sometimes we feel pressured from our significant other to want to perform, because we don’t want them to feel unimportant. And this stress only makes things worse.


There are solutions you can take that, while maybe not fix everything tonight, may help set you on a path to making sex actually sexy again. Over the course of time.

Here are 5 options you can choose to help improve your sex life over the next month.

  1. Create a Want/Will/Won’t List

    Part of the reason that sex with your partner is stressing you out may be because it is not the right type of sex for you, or the type of sex you want. My advice is to create a Want/Will/Won’t List. The premise is simple. Get a sheet of paper (or posterboard, whiteboard, or an entire wall) and divide it into three sections: what you WANT to do more of in bed; what you’re WILLING to do with your partner, but isn’t at the top of your list; and what you definitely WILL NOT do on a boat, with a goat, in your bed, or in your head. Try to create 30 activities for each list. If you feel like you can’t come up with 30 of each, try breaking down some of your bigger categories into smaller ones (Butt Stuff could be broken down into: Giving [Her], Giving [Him], Receiving [Her], Recieving [Him], Fingers, Vibes, Tails, Plugs, Penises, Pegging, and many many more!). You and your partner each make one, then discuss, and be open. Get into the details of exactly what you want, will, and won’t. It’s your sex life, don’t be afraid to be specific!

  2. Go it Solo for a While

    Sometimes it may help when you feel a lot of pressure to want to have sex with your partner, to try removing your partner from the situation for a while. Make an event of it!  Play some relaxing music, light some candles. Take a hot bath or shower to warm up beforehand. And then, when you are good and ready, take your hand (or dildo, vibrator, fifi, or whatever) and go to town. The same elements that make a romantic date with a partner also make a romantic date with yourself. Take this moment to reconnect with what makes you sexy. Remind yourself about all of the reasons you are amazing. Love the way your hair looks tonight. Enjoy the curve of your own body. After some practice here, you may find it easier to bring these feelings back to your lover, who I promise will be eagerly waiting.

  3. Play (Other sex activity/Dont focus on orgasm)

    When it comes to sex, we have a tendency to slip into the trap of becoming goal oriented. They treat sex like a competition, and if they if orgasm isn’t reached, they are losing. But having sex with orgasm as the goal is a lot like being on The Biggest Loser. As soon as you make the act a competition, you change the rules. You begin to play the game, instead of just play to play. In the Biggest Loser, this leads to stress that will either hinder your results, or send you backwards in your progress. Or you see improvement short term, but it is not sustainable. In Sex, all the same rules apply. Instead, when it comes time for you and your lover to get frisky, instead of playing the game of orgasm, play for the pure joy of playing. Explore each other’s bodies, try something new, make some funny noises. Most importantly, HAVE FUN.

  4. Sleep

    If you don’t know or acknowledge all of the research to support getting adequate sleep each night, I’m not going to list it here now. Look it up yourself and get enough sleep to feel energized the next day. I am serious. I know the world is tugging you in a million different directions, and it seems impossible to fit in more time for sleep. But those issues will still be there in the morning. The question you need to ask yourself is, will you still be if you don’t allow yourself time to rest? You make sure to get enough sleep over the course of a month, and you will see your energy levels,  problem solving abilities, and yes, your sex life drastically improve.

  5. Fast from Sex

    Counter-intuitively, my last suggestion is to take a break from sex entirely. It doesn’t have to be a month. It can be a few days, or a week, or two weeks. But allow yourself time to step back. Every major world religion has some form of Fasting: Islam has Ramadan, Christianity has Lent, and the Bahai Faith just started their 19-day Fast yesterday. The point of a fast is to step back from the thing, gain some perspective on it, and be able to come back to it with a renewed appreciation. When you Fast from eating, you come to your next meal more thankful for it being there. When you fast from sex, you may just enter your next sexual encounter with a little more appreciation for your partner. Many people already do this when one partner goes out of town for a few days or weeks; the absence “makes the heart grow fonder,” and when they finally come back in town… FIREWORKS!  Give it a try. Take a break, but still notice and love and appreciate your partner’s presence, and then when you are ready, come back to them. You might be surprised.

I hope these tips to improve your sex life help. Again, these are not “Quick-Fixes” and aren’t even really “techniques,” but they are behaviors that, given some time, can help you bring a little fire back into your sex life. You Kings and Queens deserve it.

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Much Love,


Who is this “King” Anyway? (Part 2)

Hello, Kings and Queens!

On Thursday I posted Part 1 of my personal history, about my formative years that have begun to lead me down my current path. Today we are continuing that saga, talking about the next hurdles I had to overcome in my development before I decided, “Hey, I want to teach SEX for a living.”

Late College Years (AKA: You’re an Asshole)

Understand that before I go any further, there is some overlap in the timeline from the last section into this one. For about a 1-2 years into this phase, I was trying to change and find a lasting approach to finding a partner, but I was still approaching it from the pickup artist mentality. I don’t truly step out of that phase entirely until the end of the Asshole Years here.

Toward the end of my freshman year of college, I had a girlfriend with whom I had my first experience with Intercourse. We had our time together, and then we ended.

I was upset.

Then I moved on.

And as I moved on, and began dating again, I noticed that some of the other girls I was dating had some similar trends.

While I was entirely FASCINATED with learning all I could about sex (even if only to try to be the ego-fueled “rockstar lover”), the people that I was seeing had very conflicting views, or there were things that I was taught or learned that they had never heard before.

And I began to notice a gap.

Both between what I knew and they didn’t, but also between what we both should have known, but didn’t.

This gap didn’t make sense to me.

So I set out to help educate the girls I was with.

But keep in mind, I was still using a “Pickup Artist” mindset, which only meant trying to manipulate external behaviors to get a surface result.

Now not only was I manipulating to get someone into bed, but now I was manipulating them once there. To what I wanted.

If you think this wreaked havoc for more than one relationship, you’d be right.

This is why I call this point in my life the Asshole Years.

The Loneliest Christmas Ever (It gets better, I Promise)

It all came to a head when one particularly tumultuous relationship ended a week before Christmas, two years ago.

I was shattered.

Then, on Christmas Eve, I had a breakthrough.

I will probably cover it in more detail at a future date, but it was this Christmas that I realized I needed to change me.

Not in a self-judgmental way, but with compassion.

And I realized that I had to treat all of my future significant others with that same compassion.

The “Secret” to finding the girl of your dreams isn’t some set of the right words, or the right cologne with pheromones to try to catch her attention.

The Secret is to be compassionate with your partner.

So I made some changes. To me. And it worked

Less than five months after having this epiphany, I met my current girlfriend of now two-years. And I have never been happier.

Because I show her compassion, even when it means I may not get what I want.

I hope some of what I said has resonated with you.

Maybe you’ve been through a similar experience,or maybe you were on the opposite end of my experience.

Maybe you’re searching for the partner of your dreams, but don’t like the shallow approach so many magazines and articles tout as the solution.

So much suffering is caused by a lack of proper information.

Such a lack greatly influenced me and my partners, though not always in a positive way. Sometimes, that left suffering in its wake.

My mission with this channel is to try to end that suffering, by educating people both with scientific fact, as well as my own experience to serve as an example.

Do I have specific qualifications? No, not yet.

But I want to make sure that nobody else has to suffer because they didn’t know any better.

And I hope you’ll join me.



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Much Love,


Moonlight Movie Review: A Look at Gay-Bashing

Hello Kings and Queens!

This past week I went to a screening of the movie Moonlight, which follows a young man as throughout various stages of his adolescent life and into his adulthood.

Seems innocent, right? Seems a little like a another version of the other adolescent-tracking movie a few years ago, Boyhood.

But there are a few things about this film that bring it a little more to the fringes. Beware of spoiler alerts for the movie below…

First off: the protagonist, Chiron, is a shy 8-year old black child, living in the bad part of a southern east-coast town (I always thought Miami, but it is never explicitly stated), who in his youth is shoved around by some of the bigger kids. At first, you wonder what they could have against him. Yes, he is a little awkward, but otherwise, perfectly normal. Then as characters around Chiron begin to interact, they reveal that the teasing and taunting of the other children is because Chiron is gay. But he doesn’t know this yet, or understand it.

You feel his plight for wanting to know what it is about himself that doesn’t seem to fit in with the other kids. You hurt for him when, after an insult is hurled at him, he turns to his parental figures in the movie and asks them with quiet desperation, “What’s a faggot?”

He wants to know his truth. He is hurting to know, and sadly you cannot help him from where you are.

A few years pass, and we catch glimpses of Chiron in high school. During this time he is still as awkward and withdrawn, if not more so, due to the constant teasing and even threats thrown at him by his more brutish classmates. After all of these years, Chiron still seems conflicted. He may or may not know the truth of his sexual orientation yet, but that doesn’t matter. Even if he did, he would not be able to come out and state it. He fears too greatly the backlash from his bullies if the rumors they threaten against him were confirmed.

Then, right as Chiron was on the brink of self-discovery and acceptance, a group assault by the aforementioned bullies send him spiraling into repression of his feelings for the next 10 YEARS.

I wont give away the end of the movie, but the story presented here is tragic, and in more ways than the single issue of gay-bashing on which I am focusing.

Each of the characters come through with complex depth; their subdued performances meshing perfectly with the subtle arc of the plot, creating a movie that is more real than it is film. There were more messages and issues that this film hits home on than I have space here to deliver.

But through all of this, the thought that stuck most in my brain was…

“If this kid had just grown up in a culture that was more accepting…

If culture at large was more accepting, this child would not have grown up with such a sense of self-loathing.”

This narrative is all too common, even in 2017 United States. Children are conditioned to hide or hate who they are and what they feel in their bodies…

In their hearts.

Because society around them fears them and who they love.

It is something I aim to stop through education.

It is the purpose of this channel.

To educate the world of the reality and NORMALITY of the Human Sexual Experience in all of its wondrous variety.

It is my hope, fellow Kings and Queens, that we can grow into a society that is overall more accepting and loving of ALL different kinds of people throughout the world.

When we can do that, to love each other, not just because of our differences, but BECAUSE of our differences, I believe suffering like the kind Chiron experienced in the movie Moonlight can come to an end.

Much Love,



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Resources for COMPREHENSIVE Sex Ed

Afternoon, fellow Kings and Queens.

Whether you were with a partner, or connecting with your own Inner Lover, I hope your Valentine’s Day was fantastic. I hope you did something to nurture and care for yourself. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, take a look at Monday’s post.

Last week, we discussed the current shortcomings of Sex Education in America (Parts 1 & 2). It was a pretty bleak picture, the one that I created, but one that I truly felt showcased the vast need of improvement in the way that we as a culture talk about Sex and Sexuality.

But I think it is time we add a bit of light and color to that bleak picture, so this post is all about the GOOD news about the current state of Sex Ed.

First up, let’s take a look at my favorite example of Sexuality Education done OH-SO-RIGHT.

The Netherlands has an entire week, called “Spring Fever“, similar to the Red Ribbon Week taught in many American Schools, only instead of discussing the dangers of drugs, the program, starting as early as age 4 and going all the way through secondary school teaches about love, healthy relationships, and yes, a little bit of sex for those who are mature enough to handle it.

I strongly encourage you take a read of this article before you proceed, so as to gain a greater understanding.

In the article, there are a couple of important points that I find exemplify all that American schools have the potential to become:

  1. They start teaching kids age appropriate material at an early age
  2. There is an emphasis on autonomy and the choice of the individual (They are familiar with their bodies and taught how to take ownership of them)
  3. They are taught what a healthy relationship looks like.
  4. While kids are encouraged to wait to have sex until they can handle the responsibility it entails, sex is shown to be FUN!

So that is some good news.

There are some people who are doing it right. And that means we have a model to build toward and upon.

However, that does not this model can happen overnight. It will take hard work, dedication.

There will be roadblocks.

There will be those that would opt for ignorance because they fear the unknown. Or they fear discovery of themselves.

But the other good news is that with persistent effort, change WILL come.

And for those of you that want to pioneer the way with me, there are endless resources to draw from!

Dr. Emily Nagoski has a fantastic book “Come As You Are,” and gives an excellent TED talk on Unlocking the Door to Your Authentic Sexual Wellbeing.

Matter of fact, almost all of the TED talks on sex are great resources.

Dr. Lindsey Doe has a Youtube Channel that covers sexual topics in a fun and informative way.

There are websites like those I’ve listed in my previous posts that promote a healthy sexual nature.

Countless authors and books.

Countless demonstrators and educators.

Text Books and College Courses.

But even more important than them…


All of these things are worthless, if you don’t use them.

Each and every one of you reading right now have the power within you and at your fingertips to be a catalyst for change.

All you have to do is educate yourself on the truth…

And not be afraid to share it.




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Much Love…