Welcome to Kingly Love

Hello, everybody. My name is Kincaid; my friends call me King for short, and this is Kingly Love. In this series, we are going to discuss SEX. That’s right, I said it. The S-E-X word. ¬†We are going to be discussing this -what I consider not only necessary, but fun- topic from all sides and angles: sex, dating, relationships, being single, the biological and anatomical, social, psychological, ethical, philosophical, spiritual, and more -als if we can think of any. (Ha! More-als! Get it?)

On top of simple how-tos and tips and tricks, and topic-based educational pieces, I’ll also be infusing a little of my own life experience along the way, sharing with you my personal philosophies and worldview as I work to broaden your horizons as well as my own.

To preface, and get it out of the way now, I am not, nor have I ever been or claim to be of material royal lineage (I am about as far removed from the Queen of England as a toothbrush). I do however, that each and every one of us has the potential within them to be the King and Queen of their realm. Of their life. And while there are many things that a King or Queen must be: a fierce leader, a generative creator, a wise-confidant; and we will cover all of those points and more, this series will focus primarily on becoming an expressive and healthy lover. (You know that personal philosophy I mentioned earlier? That’s the tip of the iceberg.)

So come on this journey with me, and together we will explore how much wonderful diversity is really out there, answer some of the tough questions, and learn a little bit about plugging objects into holes.

If you have any topic suggestions, or questions you want answered, leave them down in the comments below, and we can continue to crown ourselves.

Much Love,