Who is this “King” Anyway? (Part 1)

Good afternoon, fellow Kings and Queens!

Before we go any further in our relationship, I feel it necessary to introduce you a little more to myself, so you get to know who I AM, and don’t just think me just some whackjob typing away at his computer.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am a whackjob typing away at his computer, but I want you to be able to understand WHY I am so.

High School and Early College (AKA: The Pre-Awesome Years)

Believe it or not, I was not always the steaming hunk of sex-nerdiness and love that you see before you today.

I was what some call a bit of a late bloomer.

In high school, I was always interested in girls, and had a few girlfriends with whom I had my first pseudo-sexual experiences (I thank you all for putting up with pubescent me), but was never the most popular guy that had all of the ladies flocking around me.

And to give you an idea of just how NOT of the popular guy I was, here is a picture of me from my freshman year.

Who is this "King" Anyway
Yes. That is me thinking I am cool wearing Abercrombie and Fitch… and a TRILBY!

No. Like many highschoolers, I was curious yet awkward about the intricacies of courtship and the opposite sex (or courting the same sex for some of you). I was in Choir AND Theatre, and was on the JV Swim Team (I’m actually really proud of that one. I won first place in my District one year in the 100yd Butterfly)

But back to Dating!

Eventually, after tip-toeing through four years of high school, I fell head first into the college experience…

Except instead of doing keggers and banging sorority chicks I was the guy on the sidelines awkwardly asking girls to dance and getting politely turned away from.

After realizing that even though I had left high school behind, i was still ME, i got really into studying pickup artists on the internet and youtube. I bought several courses on how to attract and pick up women because I just wanted to improve my level of confidence.

After a while of subscribing to the teachings of certain youtubers that demonstrated how to get a girls phone number in one go, and other various pickup practices, I began to become disillusioned with it all. As I practiced these methods, I began to realize that all of these teachings were merely techniques.

They were shallow strategies used to attract a woman, based on your behavior from the outside-in. They were manipulations meant to play with a girls emotions. and they didn’t even WORK that well.

I didn’t feel good doing all of this. Over time I realized that true happiness; the toolkit to find a partner that will stick by you through thick and thin, or even better: the toolkit to being okay without a partner, had to come from the inside-out.

This required a sense of confidence and self acceptance that the pickup artists on the internet simply cannot replicate or sustain in their viewers.

So I sought out to change that in myself.


I will discuss more of that, and more of how despite my best intentions, I don’t really escape this phase of my life for a bit longer. Till then, thank you all for your support thus far. Leave a comment below if you have a topic you want me to cover, and feel free to share this post on Social Media.


Much Love,