Resources for COMPREHENSIVE Sex Ed

Afternoon, fellow Kings and Queens.

Whether you were with a partner, or connecting with your own Inner Lover, I hope your Valentine’s Day was fantastic. I hope you did something to nurture and care for yourself. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, take a look at Monday’s post.

Last week, we discussed the current shortcomings of Sex Education in America (Parts 1 & 2). It was a pretty bleak picture, the one that I created, but one that I truly felt showcased the vast need of improvement in the way that we as a culture talk about Sex and Sexuality.

But I think it is time we add a bit of light and color to that bleak picture, so this post is all about the GOOD news about the current state of Sex Ed.

First up, let’s take a look at my favorite example of Sexuality Education done OH-SO-RIGHT.

The Netherlands has an entire week, called “Spring Fever“, similar to the Red Ribbon Week taught in many American Schools, only instead of discussing the dangers of drugs, the program, starting as early as age 4 and going all the way through secondary school teaches about love, healthy relationships, and yes, a little bit of sex for those who are mature enough to handle it.

I strongly encourage you take a read of this article before you proceed, so as to gain a greater understanding.

In the article, there are a couple of important points that I find exemplify all that American schools have the potential to become:

  1. They start teaching kids age appropriate material at an early age
  2. There is an emphasis on autonomy and the choice of the individual (They are familiar with their bodies and taught how to take ownership of them)
  3. They are taught what a healthy relationship looks like.
  4. While kids are encouraged to wait to have sex until they can handle the responsibility it entails, sex is shown to be FUN!

So that is some good news.

There are some people who are doing it right. And that means we have a model to build toward and upon.

However, that does not this model can happen overnight. It will take hard work, dedication.

There will be roadblocks.

There will be those that would opt for ignorance because they fear the unknown. Or they fear discovery of themselves.

But the other good news is that with persistent effort, change WILL come.

And for those of you that want to pioneer the way with me, there are endless resources to draw from!

Dr. Emily Nagoski has a fantastic book “Come As You Are,” and gives an excellent TED talk on Unlocking the Door to Your Authentic Sexual Wellbeing.

Matter of fact, almost all of the TED talks on sex are great resources.

Dr. Lindsey Doe has a Youtube Channel that covers sexual topics in a fun and informative way.

There are websites like those I’ve listed in my previous posts that promote a healthy sexual nature.

Countless authors and books.

Countless demonstrators and educators.

Text Books and College Courses.

But even more important than them…


All of these things are worthless, if you don’t use them.

Each and every one of you reading right now have the power within you and at your fingertips to be a catalyst for change.

All you have to do is educate yourself on the truth…

And not be afraid to share it.




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Much Love…