The Power of the Pussy (Part 2)

Hey there Kings and Queens,

For part one of this segment, go ahead and check out my video here, where I cover some of my thoughts regarding how Female Sexuality is a POWERFUL thing to be revered, not shamed or insulted, and how the words we use to refer to a woman’s sexuality plays into that.

I wanted to take a moment here and expand on the some of the ideas that I glossed over briefly in the video.

Mostly in reference to the concept of Dying.

In the video, I mention that female sexuality was very much in tune with death or dying.

To be clear, associating female sexuality with dying is not necessarily a bad thing. Do not be afraid.

In many mythologies, before their can be creation of life, their first has to be destruction, or a breaking down of the previous entity or iteration.

The Power of the Pussy
What’s not to love about this Goddess?

In Hinduism, Kali is seen as both the Goddess of Death and Destruction, as well as the Mother of the Universe.

Norse Mythology tells of Ragnarok, during which the entire earth is destroyed in a flood caused by the serpent Jörmungandr, only to be renewed and restarted by two humans and the World Tree Yggdrasil.

Christianity also has a great flood that wiped out the old system, a corrupt society, in order to create room for God’s vision of a better world to flourish.

Even in nature, we see this rule in play.

When a forest becomes too densely populated, and much dead tree debris has built up over time, the forest is more susceptible to fires. However, once that fire has come and gone, the forest not only has more room in which to grow now, but the ash of the previous forest acts as fertilizer in which the new world may take root.

But how does all of this apply to sex?

The French Language is often referred to as “the language of love,” and to be honest, I never really understood it. It was a language I thought of as nasally and pompous, and I just realy didn’t like it.

Until I heard the following phrase.

The French have a little phrase that is sometimes used when referring to sex called le petite mort, which translates literally to “the little death. ”

More specifically, it is referring to orgasm, or the feeling of bliss that one experiences during orgasm.

I know that sounds harsh, relating something so fun with something so morbid, but hear me out.

It is a breaking down, or a death of our structures, our walls, and as we are being fully present with our partners and reach climax, we are no longer concerned with…

“How does my hair look?”

“Oh, I have to pick up milk later”

“Am I making a funny face?”

YES! We all have an O-face!

But does that matter? NO!

When we are in the height of ecstacy, the limits we place on ourselves in our everyday lives fall away, and for a brief moment, that neutrality around you is like a little death.

And afterward, you feel elated and energized. You are full of life.

Or… after some time… with enough attempts at “the little death,” some people are able to experience a “little life” as well.

And the cycle repeats. Death leads to life.

So you see, when I say that female sexuality is closely related to death, it is not remotely a “bad” thing, or something to be feared. Instead, a better approach would be to seek to understand it and embrace it.

That, my friends, will lead you towards a greater, and fuller life.


Much Love,



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